Just Jules

I'm just a girl on a journey to an unknown destination, who are you?

About Me 12/12/2009

Ten Quick Facts About Me:

  1. I enjoy writing (books and stories, and blogging of course)
  2. My favorite colors are Blue and Green!
  3. I LOVE dEliA’s:) almost all of my clothes are from there
  4. My parents passed away when I was young
    Dad at 5, mom and 13 (It’s sad but I dont let it effect me completly)
  5. I suck at spellingXD
  6. Friends are LIFE!
  7. I love animals:) I have two cats and a gerbil now, and have always had animals ever since I was small
  8. I have a huge passion for music
  9. Yes, I do believe in love:)
  10. Movies keep me from being bored!


Music: Alternative (Death Cab For Cutie, Shiny Toy Guns, Coldplay, pretty much anything!)
Quote: “Whether it is the west of times or the best, it’s all the time we have”
Movie: Mouline Rouge:)
Book: Give a Boy a Gun
Color: Blue and Green!
Subject: Math:)
Hobby: Writing

My Life:

Hey, I’m Julia:) I am 14, and live in the retarded state of Kansas. I have always wanted to live in the big city (New York or California) so thats why I dont care for Kansas. When I was 5, my father passed away in a car accident. It was devistating, yes. Never ever did I get to experience a father daughter dance, and I wont be walked down the isle by my father when I get married. Loosing him made me miss out on a lot. Luckily I had my mother, who raised me and my brother perfectly. I had little time with her though, in the summer of 08′ she was diagnosed with Mesothelioma. It’s an incurable cancer, so after 6 months of crucial pain to her and I and my brother, she passed. I now live with my Aunt. I go to school everyday like a normal person, I breathe and feel and think and look like a normal person. I know I’m not normal however due to what has happened to me, but I try to keep happy and positive with my wonderful friends who have kept me going. Life is good, and you simply have to live it to the fullest. Due to what happened to my parents, I learnt life is short and things just kind of happen, so now I know that you have to live every day wonderfully, and I want to share my journey with you guys in my blog. Please read, enjoy, and live your life:) Leave comments on my blogs and stuff if you wanna contact me through E-mail, Facebook, or Youtube:)

More coming soon:) Stay tuned into my blogs
Love yah guys!


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