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Changing the World 01/07/2010

To read my changing the world blogs and help even more go to www.ctwtogether.wordpress.com

How you can help me change the world:

I am just a simple girl. Problem is, being a simple girl makes it hard to chase your dreams.
But, I have to power of blogging:)
With your guys’ help I can help my favorite foundations, and yours!

I plan on helping the following foundations:

Stand Up 2 Cancer
Music For Relief
Invisible Children
Do Something
The Make Yourself Foundation
The Staying Alive Foundation
The Trevor Project

To help, all you have to do is click on the SocialVibe box to the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Its always gunna be there, just waiting for you to help.
Just do a few simple activities for free and fun, and in 10 minutes or less, you can help so much!!
Follow my posts under the catagory help & care to figure out the foundation we are currently on, the goal I have set, and info on the foundation.

Remember: We can only make so much of a diffrence until we join together.
So just care a bit, and give a few moments of your life, to help save someone elses life.


Thank yous:

Have you helped change the world? Let me know so I can aknowledge you:) —
– SocialVibe.com


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